Wrong 3D infos in some profiles

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Wrong 3D infos in some profiles

Postby sgriffin1 » 17 March 2019, 15:58

Please check the pan amplitude on the following fixtures. Chauvet Intimidator 155 Spot Duo and Chauvet Intimidator 455 IRZ. Recently programmed a show with these fixtures in 3D, then day of set up, everything was shifted 25 degrees or so to LT/RT. After looking at real life versus 3D, I changed the Pan Amplitude in 3D for both fixtures which seems to correct this issue. All fixtures were downloaded from the library. Please check these fixtures so other users in the future can have a more accurate data base to choose from. Thanks for all you help!!!
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Re: Pan Amplitude in 3D

Postby support » 18 March 2019, 09:06

Thank you for this feedback.
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