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Showxpress > Wysiwig - TCP/IP Listen Error Help

Postby Cooperism » 08 September 2017, 21:36

I've been attempting to route this for hours now.

At the moment, I'm a Microsoft KM-Test loopback driver that I have the IP set to, and the subnet to

I'm using Luminex Wygalizer for routing the artnet, set to the address. This is outputting to Wysiwyg, which is receiving from the artnet address from Wygalizer.

This is all using the 6454 port, which I'm monitoring using Artnetominator to monitor, which recognizes the Wysiwig arnet receiver as well as Wygalizer.

My problem is solely coming from Showxpress, which when I load it gives me the "Fonction: TCP/IP: Listen error!". I assume this has to do with how the port is being used by the other software, but I'm currently kind of stumped on what to do next.

I'm hooking these up together so I'm able to visualize both the generator and pixel DMX outputs.

Any insight helps. Thanks!
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Re: Showxpress > Wysiwig - TCP/IP Listen Error Help

Postby thorehl » 09 November 2018, 18:07

I'm just shooting in the dark here, but if your Wygalizer is running on the same computer as ShowXpress, your going to get Listen error. 2 programs listening to 1 port at the same time will not work. TCP/IP protocol isn't a sharing protocol, it is a communication protocol, thus can only communicate with one client at the time.
You will get the same error if you try running 2 programs that use the same ArtNet node
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