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fade between gif steps

Postby rockinmo816 » 06 September 2017, 03:08

I spent some time working with GIMP tonight to make my own custom GIFs and I have it working pretty good. My question is if I can fade between steps/layers in my gif? For text it makes sense to snap from one frame to the next, but if you're trying to make effects that flow together, you don't want the colors snapping between frames. Is there a way to do this in ShowXpress or is this something that has to be taken into account while making the GIF?

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Re: fade between gif steps

Postby JohnRichards » 06 September 2017, 05:57

Create different scenes, 1 for snapping between the gif's and 1 in fading the colour changes.
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Re: fade between gif steps

Postby support » 06 September 2017, 09:13

This is presently possible, if you generate a Steps scene (https://thelightingcontroller.com/viewt ... =71&t=4681).
Then you edit the scene in Steps, and you set the transition mode, for each channel for each step, to "fade" (this can be done in a few mouse clicks by selecting all channels, pressing "fade", and using the function "set 'fade' state to all channels").

We note in our ToDo list that this would be great to straight add this function in the Pixels project.
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