rekordbox and chauvet showxpress simultaneously?

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rekordbox and chauvet showxpress simultaneously?

Postby caolan123 » 02 January 2021, 19:13

Dear Lighting Controller,
I am new to this forum so thank you in advance for your time and apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I asked this question directly to Chauvet support but they told me to ask here instead. I recently purchased rekordbox dj and want to buy the Chauvet Showxpress interface.
1. I want to know If i am able to run rekordbox AND Chauvet Showxpress simultaneously while on the same computer??? I am open to another interface if you have a possible suggestion.
2. I have looked into other forum about the sound active mode with chauvet showxpress and it seems possible. I just want to know if the sound active mode can be controlled from an external midi keyboard?
Thanks very much.
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Re: rekordbox and chauvet showxpress simultaneously?

Postby support » 02 January 2021, 22:48

1. We never tried so we are not 100% sure, but regarding our software we do not see any problem.

2. Sorry but it is not possible to drive the "sound active mode" via an external midi command.
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