The library "Bonjour" of "Apple" is not needed anymore

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The library "Bonjour" of "Apple" is not needed anymore

Postby support » 16 September 2022, 15:41

With the version 9.32BETA of our software, there is a new option "Do not use Apple/Bonjour".
With it, no need anymore to install the library "Bonjour" of "Apple" for communication with the software "Virtual DJ".
Just enter the same IP port in our software (Preferences > Network > Virtual DJ) and in Virtual DJ (Options).

For the direct connection to be started, you need to send a command to the server manually, using os2l_cmd for example.
Once the connection is established you will get beat messages continuously.

We made this test with the version 8.5-64 b7131 of Virtual DJ.
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