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action poi OS2L way quicker

PostPosted: 28 October 2021, 23:02
by locod
Hello forum, my video here isn't music, it isn't a light show, it's me writing action poi OS2L commands from a pad device
[well from mouse because it's an instructional video]

If you're a windows user it's probably worth 5 minutes of your life because it's about 10 times faster than the current method of laying down action poi


I have it creating; named [os2l] invisible action poi, with action [probably the desired format]
Maximum command length is 2K chars [could be bigger but it's probably overkill as is]
demo shows creating the command string from pads, pads limit is 32 [16 pads, 16 shift pads]
3 pads are reserved;
clear string
check string
write action poi
so 29 are free to add commands to, but you could map your entire keyboard if you did so wish.
Cueing is a down time exercise so there are time benefits to having a mapping specific to the task.
I suck at making videos.
this plugin will never have an official vdj release, talk here, pm me here or for fastest reply