Add BPM column per scene/Macro in Sequence Lists?

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Add BPM column per scene/Macro in Sequence Lists?

Postby CaptJWH » 20 February 2021, 15:33

I use the same scenes for multiple songs, but they are all at different tempo's. The only way to control tempo now is to set it on the scene and then duplicate that scene at different tempos for different songs, or to use a master speed fader (or bpm tap) and adjust every time.

Is there any chance to add BPM as a column next to Fade In or No Loop? For the 'default' setting put in <nothing> or no value, then the scene would follow it's native speed as it exists in the scene file. If the user changes the value in the column, then it follows the new number. In either case if the master speed fader (or bpm tap) is adjusted, that bpm is used for that whole scene. When the next scene/macro is activated, the settings for that scene are used, then, as before, can be adjusted by fader or bpm tap if needed.

In addition to this, if the bpm is changed at the macro level, all sub scenes under that macro are adjusted to that bpm, but if the macro is set at 100, an individual scene can be adjusted to 150, for example.

Alternatively, the Sequence list dialogue window could have a switch to allow the user to set if an adjustment to BPM changes from bpm tap or speed fader are 'per number' (speed can be adjusted but next scene tempo refers to bpm column(if set) or native scene tempo) OR 'per sequence' (any speed adjustment is applied to the WHOLE sequence from then to the end).


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Re: Add BPM column per scene/Macro in Sequence Lists?

Postby support » 22 February 2021, 08:30

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Re: Add BPM column per scene/Macro in Sequence Lists?

Postby SeekLighting » 24 February 2021, 11:53

This seems like a useful request. Easy access to BPM controls in any given Macro in a Sequential list would definitely make programming those kind of shows much easier!
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