[Request] Midi cue to jump between scenes

stack scenes and play them with a "GO" button

[Request] Midi cue to jump between scenes

Postby notslaw » 16 March 2019, 16:10

I have been using sequential list for the past 4 months. It functions really well for what I need it to do. Much better than macro buttons as I can easily tell what is in a macro.

Would it be possible to add a midi shortcut to select next scene? You could set a device and channel for an incoming cue, and have the volume be a step in the sequential list. ProPresenter has this feature for selecting a group of slides, and then a slide number within that group. One note would meet my needs. If someone needs more that 256 steps, more notes could be added starting at higher values (first note starts at 1, second note starts at 257, third note starts at 513, etc.). Not sure how high to go.

Another way to state this, would be to say you are on step 4 (it is green), and for some reason you want to skip step 5, and go to step 6. This midi cue would highlight step 6 in yellow as the next step, and then when a go is received, it activates step 6.

Not something that is an immediate need, but in churches where the worship jumps around, this could be very very useful.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Re: [REQUEST] Midi cue to jump between scenes

Postby support » 17 March 2019, 10:53

It is possible to trigger the button "Go" with a midi message.
For "step" selection, you have to make "one step" scenes.
To skip some lines, select the next line with the mouse and press "Go".

In our opinion, "midi note" for scene selection with "midi volume" for step selection is too complex to set up, and it looks like a single user requirement.
We will see, if any more feedback from other users.
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