[Request] - Numerical scene recall

stack scenes and play them with a "GO" button

[Request] - Numerical scene recall

Postby TimH » 08 June 2017, 10:21

Hi Support,

An awesome feature to add to Sequential List would be the ability to jump straight to a scene using the numpad.

So basically, what I'd love is to press a keyboard shortcut (let's say, "Enter/Return"), and a dialog box comes up prompting you for which scene you'd like to jump to. Then you type in the number of the scene, and press Enter and it would skip straight to that scene.
Ideally this would mean I could for instance, jump to scene 45 (for example), just by pressing:
Enter, 4, 5, Enter.

This would be useful as sometimes when doing theatre rehearsals, a director will ask you to quickly jump to another point in the show. And it's much quicker to recall by scene number than to scroll all the way through!
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Re: [Request] - Numerical scene recall

Postby support » 08 June 2017, 21:02

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Re: [Request] - Numerical scene recall

Postby Luc Henrion » 10 June 2017, 07:07

very, very good idea, but maybe just entering the number(s) could be enough?, in your example, just type "4, 5, enter" ? Unless of course this has already another result but I don't think so.
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Re: [Request] - Numerical scene recall

Postby TimH » 10 June 2017, 14:31

I think you'd need to open a dialog box somehow, so pressing enter first seems like the cleanest way of doing that. Just a thought
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Re: [Request] - Numerical scene recall

Postby Lighter007 » 01 July 2017, 13:46

+1 for the idea.
Shortcut button "G" as "Goto Scene..." ?
Greetings from Germany! :)
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