Live setting Fade in/out times

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Live setting Fade in/out times

Postby Cameron » 20 April 2017, 23:01

Right now if you change the fade in/out times in the settings section of live, you can go down as far as 0.5 seconds. This registers in the sequential list as one (1) second.

It would be nice to be able make it zero (0) seconds and have the sequential list recognize this as zero seconds. In order to create "snap" changes in lights

This is a round about way, I have found to create a zero second fade in/out and have those fade times saved. Otherwise the system reverts to 3 sec default.

Thank you
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Re: Live setting Fade in/out times

Postby support » 21 April 2017, 07:37

For Steps scenes:
"Fade in = 0" means "does not override the duration of the first step".
If "Fade in = 0" forces to snap, then it will never be possible to consider the duration of the first step.
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