Feedback on Sequential List Function

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Feedback on Sequential List Function

Postby Tomlin » 27 February 2017, 16:21

Back in December we fully integrated ShowXpress as our only lighting controller for our worship center. The first real test of the new system (hardware, software) would by by way of very detailed 12-song Night of Worship using the Sequential List function that was still in beta. After extensive use of the 3D visualizer, I was able to program about 90%-95% of the show off-campus. The remaining programming was needed to set proper angles and intensities for moving lights, blinders, etc. I trained our lighting operator on the new system and he was at both rehearsals before the event took place. The rehearsals were very important for him to know where to go to the next cue, but the note feature was super helpful. Because of the note feature in the Seq List function, I was able to put lyrical and text cues to guide him through each verse, chorus, bridge, and tag. This was a very tedious project, and it being my first project, I would estimate that programming required about 24+ hours over several days since I would listen to recorded versions of the songs and build each light scene(s) to match the mood and energy of the music. The Sequential List function was paramount to the success of this event and we had unprecedented accolades on the greatly enhanced creative environment.
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Re: Feedback on Sequential List Function

Postby support » 27 February 2017, 18:47

Thank you for this feedback.
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