Multiple steps/generator files

stack scenes and play them with a "GO" button

Multiple steps/generator files

Postby thorehl » 15 December 2016, 01:21

Don't know if anyone has requested something like this, but i'd like the option to run multiple scene files on 1 que.
Code: Select all
Cue #   
- 1 ---- Start intro
- 2 ---- Flood stage Green
      |-- Spots White
      `-- Gobos and Zoom set
- 3 ---- Flood stage Orange
      `-- Spots Cyan

Did that make sense?

Also. Clock and Go-button needs to be bigger somehow. Like HUGE!! compared to what it is now.

Don't invent the wheel again. Cue Lab has this down. Grab ideas from it.
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Re: Multiple steps/generator files

Postby Niffo » 22 December 2016, 13:27

Isn't it the "Macro" function ?
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