Crossfade scenes in the Timeline

stack scenes and play them with a "GO" button

Crossfade scenes in the Timeline

Postby JT drumhead » 06 December 2016, 16:38

HI. I am new to ShowXpress running version 8.1.29. I was recently instructed, in order to do crossfades from scene to scene within the timeline, I must use the "buttons" mode and program them in as a Fade in and fade out time per button. THEN, the fade times would translate over to my timeline per scene as long as that button/scene was in the timeline. That does NOT work however. May other programs allow you to do a "Crossfade" from scene to scene and manipilate the crossfade times in the timeline directly. Does this SW have this function somewhere? I am very confused on how to do crossfades in timeline. Thanks
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Re: Crossfade scenes in the Timeline

Postby Tomlin » 06 December 2016, 19:17


Unfortunately you posted this question in the Sequential List forum instead of the Timeline forum. Try posting there and hopefully someone with an answer can help. I do not use Timeline or I'd offer my thoughts.

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