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Re: Marq - Rezotube Pack

Postby TimH » 06 July 2017, 01:19

Hey mate,

Rather than running over Artnet directly, you can use the Artnet second universe and convert to DMX using a cheap artnet note, such as this:

That way, you still have 2 universes off the one D512 interface: one off your interface, and one off Artnet. The Rezotubes can simply plug in via DMX, which would adapt to Artnet via the interface I linked above.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Marq - Rezotube Pack

Postby maxmaroon » 06 July 2017, 01:59

Thanks, Tim!

I will definitely check it out...Yeah, I'm trying to save from dropping the $ on another d12 right now but I'm not happy with only running the tubes running on auto programs and static colours; you really need full control to have fun!
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