DMX-AN Locked?

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DMX-AN Locked?

Postby genlitepro » 02 August 2022, 10:50

I purchased what is supposed to be a brand new DMX-AN from sweetwater. Was successful in installing into pc (Windows 10) eathernet, however when I go to browser and attempted to log in to interface, I get a pop up asking for login and password. I am the Admin for the PC, and tried my login in case it was an admin issue. I have also tred disabling all firewalls. Nothing works. Suspect maybe this was a previously returned unit resold as new and was previously password protected? Can they be password protected? If so, is there a factory reset login and pass, or do I need to return unit to Sweetwater.
Thank you for any help!
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Re: DMX-AN Locked?

Postby support » 02 August 2022, 21:19

This forum is exclusively for these DMX interfaces and our software: ... t=5#p26389
Sorry, we are not able to help for your problem.
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Re: DMX-AN Locked?

Postby genlitepro » 03 August 2022, 10:26

I thought the DMX-AN was your product, it is branded for chauvet show express. its the 2 universe artnet adapter to be used with your interfaces.
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Re: DMX-AN Locked?

Postby Allan » 03 August 2022, 14:19

The DMX-AN is not a ShowXpress interface. Please contact Chauvet's Customer Service for troubleshooting steps.
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