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"Dark Side" 3DView Lighshow

PostPosted: 08 July 2021, 16:23
by LightningFM
Hello forumers,
Here is a new 3DView show, based on Dark Side by the band Blind Channel, Finland's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.
Every year I'm fascinated by the work done by ESC lighting teams, and the 2021 edition was no exception.
I wanted to take one of my favourite performances and rethink the lighting in a different venue, in this case, a tour/hall setup.

The stage features 39 Spot/Beam fixtures (of which 8 are placed on floor level), 28 wash-type and 32 bars used for colour blinders/strobes. There are also some fixed PARs to illuminate and colourize the performer and the stage.
One of the singers shown the word JOIN [the Dark Side] written on his palm during the contest (and the guitarist had the same on the backside of a guitar), so I thought it would be cool to have a big "JOIN" text light up and pulse behind the stage at the right moment on the track; the text is constructed with 46 RGB static objects hung in the background.


As usual, the show is fully timelined ;)

I've also experimented a bit more with camera views and a more dynamic video editing style. Hope you'll like that!
...and don't worry, all the 3D audience was carefully scanned by antivirus software before being allowed into the virtual venue - stay safe! ;)

Re: "Dark Side" 3DView Lighshow

PostPosted: 20 July 2021, 09:54
by support
Hello Flavio,

Thank you for this new nice 3D lightshow.
You will certainly have a lot to say in our recent "TimeLine wishes" thread !

Re: "Dark Side" 3DView Lighshow

PostPosted: 22 July 2021, 09:26
by LightningFM
Thank you, support!

Re: "Dark Side" 3DView Lighshow

PostPosted: 07 September 2021, 19:33
by thorehl
Nice again Flavio 8-)

Re: "Dark Side" 3DView Lighshow

PostPosted: 07 September 2021, 21:55
by LightningFM
Thanks, Thorehl! 8-) ;)