"Mighty Long Fall" 3D view lightshow

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"Mighty Long Fall" 3D view lightshow

Postby LightningFM » 16 March 2015, 17:17

Hi all!
I uploaded another 3D view show, it run fully timelined and is based on "Mighty Long Fall" by One Ok Rock, you can find it here https://youtu.be/zslU_98Xq7o :)
The stage have four suspensed truss (lenght: 5.2) in the back, and two on each side of the stage (leght: 4 meters each) with different angles.

I recoded the show with the setting "gobos" (in 3D setting > beam rendering) disabled because it was causing some lag when using lot of color chargers.
The show begin with a short instrumental, then a calm sequence start, I used mostly backlights and sidelights colured with blue and red in this part.
During refrains red lights (pars but sometimes also moving heads) involve the public.
After 2:10 the moving heads placed on the "flyning back-X" run togheder with the drummer, for this effect I programmed 4 scenes that I placed accurately in the timeline. The same happened at 2:35 with the "get out" and the sidelights, and at 2:48 with the cymbal of the drum.
My favourite effect begin at the third minute, with many colors on stage :D
The ending from 3:48 is all on strobo, and the red lights should be visibile only when the guitar play, but again I had problem with Fraps.. I'll fix it on next show.
Enjoy ;)
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Re: "Mighty Long Fall" 3D view lightshow

Postby support » 16 March 2015, 18:09

Thank you !
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