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Control with Elegato Streamdeck

PostPosted: 18 February 2020, 12:15
by thargy
You can see a demo of The Lighting Controller controlled from an Elegato Streamdeck XL at

This is a fantastic way to give your lights a physical button desk (with pagination support).

This uses the Open Source Bitfocus Companion (, which runs on Windows/Mac/Linux and also has a headless web interface (so can run a Rasberry Pi!)

It talks to The Lighting Controller over TCP (same as Live Mobile) using a custom module I built (

Currently, you will need to build from source as Companion 2.0 is in alpha, instructions can be found at their site ( If you find any issues, or would like to request more features, raise issues on GitHub.

1. Fully synchronise button Name/Color/Icons(Type) based on position on page in Controller. (Or you can give your own names)
2. Supports Toggle (default - equivalent to the controller) or also Press/Release - which is great for solo page buttons (i.e. you can prevent accidental toggling off!)
3. Timed fade on button press, and button level indication (based on configurable background color for fader). Also synchronises Fader name.
4. Freeze toggle, Audio BPM toggle.
5. Full BPM system that has advanced tap support, and sends Beats to controller, unless in Audio BPM mode, at which point tapping sends an individual Beat command.
6. Full control of Sequential Lists and Timeline (not shown on video)
7. Tie multiple actions to single physical button press, including delays (e.g. Start Timeline, wait 5s, Stop Timeline)
... and much more!

The Companion software can be used to control many other devices, including AV controllers, Sound desks, projectors, Spotify, Twitch, etc. so you can have a single button set to configure your sound desk, begin a slide deck on your projector, cue your video switcher, start your Facebook live stream and set a light scene!

I hope you find it as useful as I do, this is entirely open source and free to use!

Re: Control with Elegato Streamdeck

PostPosted: 18 February 2020, 21:19
by thargy
You can now access a Companion build (including the new Lighting Controller module) from under Companion Experimental Builds (you will need to create an account).

Re: Control with Elegato Streamdeck

PostPosted: 19 February 2020, 16:19
by Niffo
Very impressive use of the remote control ("Live Mobile") API. Thank you !

Re: Control with Elegato Streamdeck

PostPosted: 28 May 2020, 14:32
by DKB
Hi Thargy,

In the meantime, I am trying Stream Desk, in collaboration with Companion. Almost all works, only one thing does not. And that is the following: If I want to select a button name, at Quickdmx button / toggle, it says: No results found. The faders do include the names of Quickdmx, and this just works. What could be the reason for this? I like to hear it.

Re: Control with Elegato Streamdeck

PostPosted: 29 October 2020, 11:45
by thargy

Sorry, I don't frequent these forums so have just seen this message.

If this is still an issue, please consider opening an issue at