Trigger Scene via Midi ProPresenter 7 and ShowExpress

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Trigger Scene via Midi ProPresenter 7 and ShowExpress

Postby LifeQuestMedia » 07 October 2023, 18:42

Hello to All!

I'm the "Tech Guy" at our church and we just recently upgraded to ProPresenter 7. Pro7, as you may know, can send MIDI note signals and I've successfully got Pro 7 and ShowExpress "talking" but I know that I'm not using the best practices. If I describe what I'd like to accomplish I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance and suggestions if the way I'm thinking wouldn't work. I also have a secondary question at the end.

I'd like to create a stage lighting scene, like blue and purple, and have that be one MIDI note from Pro7. Then create a new scene, like red and orange, and save that as another MIDI notes. I'd tie the note trigger to one slide which what activate the blue/purple lights awhen clicked and tie the other note to a different slide which would trigger the red/orange lights when clicked. My question is, what section of ShowExpress should I set up the different scenes in that can learn the MIDI note? Editor Tab + Steps Tab? Live Tab? Would love some advice. Again, Pro7 and ShowExpress are talking. Now I'm in need of help doing it the right way.

The second part of my question is that in the Live Tab, I see all my groups, but none of them work when I click any of the buttons but my "Upper Lights" group. All the other 7 groups don't respond in any way to the Live buttons. Hoping that is an easy fix.

My Specs are:

24" iMac 2021
M1 Chip
16 GB
Ventura 13.5.1

MIDI connected through Apple's MIDI Studio via IAC Driver

Show Express v.9.3.8
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