Midi Note Actions

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Midi Note Actions

Postby muscanto » 13 June 2022, 17:18

Is it possible to setup a midi not to only release a button? Currently on the midi tab, there is a Midi in and Midi out.

I would like to be able to configure actions. For example, if a midi not is received for a button and the action is to turn it on, it will only turn that button on. Or if the action is set to only off, it will only turn it off when the midi note is received.
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Re: Midi Note Actions

Postby support » 14 June 2022, 07:01

Sorry but this is not possible.
The concept for the on/off button in Live is each action reverses the state of the button.
We suggest a "solo button" page, where an action to another "flash" button will switch off the button.
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