Crash while using Midi?

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Crash while using Midi?

Postby GPC » 03 June 2019, 15:52

Twice now I have been using ShowXpress with an Akai APC Mini when the buttons/faders just stop working. When I look at the computer, ShowXpress has shutdown. Restarting ShowXpress works fine and as expected.

I think both times I was using more than one button/fader at the same time or possibly in quick succession, I have not yet been able to replicate the issue.

Are there any limitations to the midi input/outputs that might cause this?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I am using ShowXpress V9.1.15, Windows 10.
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Re: Crash while using Midi?

Postby support » 03 June 2019, 16:30

No known limitations.
If you can reproduce the problem, please let us know.
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