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Re: [request] midi clock to BPM

Postby osuarez » 09 September 2017, 17:07

support wrote:
it sometimes misses a beat here and there

Either there is a bug in our code, or the midi clock device is not accurate.

Could be a blip but still more accurate than the microphone.

Interestingly when the music stops so does the BPM meter which is perfect

If the music is played by the same device which outputs the midi clock, it looks like the problem comes from this device.

This is the action you want to happen!

The last thing you want is the lights to continue if the music stops playing

Our code just moves the BPM with the incoming midi clock.
So far, midi clock is basically to synchronize the midi instruments. So it is always running, and this is effectively not really good with lights.

If I am at an event and the music stops because I am making an announcement, this is what I want to happen the lights to stop. Other software on the market will continue with the last BPM measurement which is not desireable.

Thank you for the work!
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Re: [request] midi clock to BPM

Postby thorehl » 06 October 2017, 16:01

This is great news!!
I too have been waiting for this option for a looooong time.

Now to figure out how to get snare from mixer to sweetlight :D
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