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ChangeLog V9

Postby support » 19 November 2018, 14:37

8 december 2020 - version 9.2.23
MacOS - meets the new "Big Sur" security app rules
Windows - problems fixed with some 32bits Operating System
Live - new Beat/BPM option to play scenes (
Live - nb max tabs increased to 20
TimeLine - nb max timelines increased to 20

15 January 2020 - version 9.2.10
general - mark on button "Save" to remind recent change has been done
general - number max of heads for one fixture increased from 10 to 20
MacOS Catalina - signature problem fixed
MacOS Catalina - Codecs problem fixed
Steps - new option "Enable/Disable channels on all steps"
Steps - multi channels enter values with keyboard (type for example "10|20|255")
Generator - new popup window to enter pan/tilt, RGB and time with keyboard
Live - new option "Duplicate page"

3 June 2019 - version 9.2.3
Fixtures - global offset for pan&tilt
Live - options 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 2/1, 4/1 for BPM and Beat
Live - option "Disable" for buttons
Live - option "random play" for buttons
minor bugs fixed

20 March 2019 - version 9.1.15
Live - option "Never in Macro" for buttons
Live - option to display 6 boards
minor bugs fixed

19 November 2018 - version 9.1.9
manual - upgraded for versions 9.1.5
all - option "Not used in Lightshow Creator" for groups
Lightshow Creator - show the slider "shift" in the generated buttons (for Generator scenes)
Live - new dropdown list for pages
Live - options "Hide BPM section"
minor bugs fixed

17 September 2018 - version 9.1.00
Windows - 32bits & 64bits
MacOS - 64bits
all - dark skin
all - lightshow creator
all - multi pan/tilt management
all - menu function "New lightshow" opens the new lightshow
Fixtures - fixture shape setting for 3DView (and saved in the personality file)
Fixtures - the window "Edit fixture" has now two tabs
Fixtures - Edit fixture - option "not used in LightShow Creator" for channels & levels
Editor - the mouse wheel moves the vertical faders for channels (use the key "shift" for fine adjustment)
Generator - individual pan&tilt offsets&zoom
Generator - fan pan / tilt
Live - slider "shift"
Live - BPM and Beat
Live - Virtual DJ
Live - rotary encoder wheel (endless) for the Akai APC devices
Live - individual fade in/out time for buttons
Live - "Midi out" learn
Live - "Fade in/out" acts on pan/tilt channels
Live - the mouse wheel moves the Master Faders (use the key "shift" for fine adjustment)
TimeLine - individual fade in/out time for blocks
Sequential List - faster project loading
Sequential List - functions "copy/paste" line
3DView - new 3D engine (OpenGL 3.2+)
3DView - objects with texture
3DView - improved windows "Objects/Fixtures setting"
3DView - multi-selection for objects setting (orientation, scale, ...)
3DView - function "Change 3D object"
3DView - "pulse_close/open" works for channels "shutter" and "iris"
Hardware - instantaneous interface usb unplug / replug working
Hardware - the usb interface can be plugged and used after the program is running
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