Installing different software versions on the same computer

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Installing different software versions on the same computer

Postby support » 14 May 2018, 07:21

You can install as many different versions of our software as you want, on the same computer.

For Windows
During the install process, you must give a new name for the folder where the software will be installed, and also for the shortcut to run the program.
You can remove any software by executing the "uninstall.exe" file which is in the corresponding folder.

For MacOS
Rename the existing software folder with another name than the default name.
Drag and drop the new software nearby the previous one.
To remove a software, drag and drop it into the trashcan of the system.

The lightshows are stored in a separate folder which has nothing to do with the software folders, so adding/removing our software will not affect your lightshows.
BUT, when using two different major software versions (V7, V8, ...), you have before to make a backup of your lightshows and store the backup in a safe location, because for instance V7 is not able to read V8 lightshows (while V8 is able to read V7 lightshows).
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