Function : Send DMX frameskip !

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Function : Send DMX frameskip !

Postby Jiri Zakovsky » 24 November 2022, 08:15


I would like to report a problem that I have with my setup on version of software 9.2.38.

Sometimes at some shows it suddenly crash and music stops playing and sometimes whole program crash. It allways shows in error file - Function : Send DMX frameskip !

I have here in attachment error log. Im using Interface Rack1024.

Please can You advice what can cause the problem?

Thank You for advice

Jiri Zakovsky
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Re: Function : Send DMX frameskip !

Postby support » 24 November 2022, 08:50

The message "frameskip" is not really an error message.
It is more for us (support) to be sure that more than 99% of all frames are transmitted.
No problem with your log file.

In order to know whether the problem comes from the media file or not, we suggest you to run the same show without the sound file, and tell us if the crash still happens or not..
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Re: Function : Send DMX frameskip !

Postby Niffo » 24 November 2022, 09:33

If you are using a midi controller, please install the latest fix file
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