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Importing Show

Postby ABBAMANIA » 03 August 2022, 23:42

I have changed from one mac to another and have Exported my show from one and Imported to another but all the file paths are wrong.
It will take me forever to redo.

Am I missing something?
I used the Export Lightshow function then the Import on the new MacBook, closed then opened the lightship. the imported folder is in the Lightshows folder and all my Buttons can be seen on the page but a crossed out circle appears on the button until I change the file path.

any ideas?

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Re: Importing Show

Postby support » 04 August 2022, 08:54

Please post two download links for the following files:
- a ZIP file of the lightshow folder in your original Mac computer (the good one)
- a ZIP file of the exported lightshow (the non working one)
We will compare them.

To post download links: ... ?f=3&t=168
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