can this be done in Show Express?

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can this be done in Show Express?

Postby grjmmr » 28 September 2020, 22:54

Can you tell me if this is possible; I was told it was and I just want to confirm. Also I would have posted this in a Show Express forum but I can’t find one.

I have 4 Sprite Interfaces that I can program addresses into. They are connected to 4 Sprite Media players, with each Media player having either an mp4 or an mp3 on them. I was told that I can use Show Express and add the Sprint Interfaces into it and then assign a channel within to a file name. When I activate the file name in Show Express any of the Sprite Media Players that have the corresponding filename on an SD card then will start playing that file.

Basically I assign the first Sprite Interface to channel 1. Channel 2 is associated with “Thriller.mp3”. When I activate channel 2; Show Express sends a signal out to the Sprite Interface that has address 001 on it and starts playing Thriller.mp3 The other 3 interfaces will be given different addresses on them and will have a Thriller .mp4 on them , though the file name is the same, the mp4’s will be different.

I don’t want my laptop trying to run multiple mp3’s and mp4’s as it will bog down.

So, can this be done and how hard will it be? A quick explanation would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance

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Re: can this be done in Show Express?

Postby Bob_be » 29 September 2020, 13:57

Can you post a link to the interfaces you are asking about?
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