Moving from Mac to Windows

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Moving from Mac to Windows

Postby Lardh » 30 July 2020, 23:55


Im thinking about swapping out my MacBook Pro for a Windows 10 surface. Im doing this since i want you use the touch on the PC rather then a MIDI-board that I'm using today.

But after a simple export on the Mac and an Import on the PC the lightshow does opens up, but its all empty. No fixtures, no live. Noting.

Last year I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and I had no issues doing that then.
Does anybody knows why and what to do?

I might add that some of my fixtures didn't have a library so I had to put it together myselves. If that might affect it
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Re: Moving from Mac to Windows

Postby support » 31 July 2020, 08:59

You can post a link to download your lightshow ( ... ?f=3&t=168).
We will take a look on it.
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