Beginner-Cannot open pre-set scenes (.sce files)

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Beginner-Cannot open pre-set scenes (.sce files)

Postby tn123 » 11 January 2018, 18:29

I was given a USB drive containing scenes and other pre-set stuff from my coworker and I am trying to access the scenes, ShowXPress doesn't let me, however. I remembered some a version earlier where I double-clicked on one of the SCE files and the scene, editors and everything opened up and I can just edit everything just fine. Now when I double clicked on them, nothing happened. I tried opening them as "open lightshow" and other things but that doesn't work either. It just opens ShowXPress with a blank show. My setting for auto-convert from SCE to SCEX is ON, fyi. [/b]
Please assist me with this issue. Thank you.
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Re: Beginner-Cannot open pre-set scenes (.sce files)

Postby support » 11 January 2018, 22:41

This is not anymore possible with V8.
V8 is "fixture based" programming, it needs all details from the complete lightshow.
So the only solution is to export/import a complete lightshow.
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