After Exporting, Files contain "Zero Bytes"

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After Exporting, Files contain "Zero Bytes"

Postby davelerbakken » 13 September 2017, 05:26

Version 8.2.24
Mac with OS Sierra 10.12.6


I wanted to start with a clean slate and exported my light show for safe keeping. I closed ShowXPress, and when I reopened the application all of my fixtures were gone from the Fixtures tab, not represented in Editor and missing from 3D View. When rebuilding scenes in Live, a "no" symbol appeared on the buttons when activitaed. This happened 3 more times thereafter. I finally found that after Exporting, the file size was listed as "Zero Bytes" for my .scex and fixture files. See attached image.

I have since deleted and reinstalled completely. I have also totally rebuilt my show. I'm a good 20 hours or more invested. If I go to export my show, am I going to lose the whole thing again? What is the best way to back up my show?

Thank you!
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Re: After Exporting, Files contain "Zero Bytes"

Postby support » 13 September 2017, 07:18

A lightshow is a folder. The function "Export" in our software simply does a copy/paste action. You can also manually copy/paste the folder.

The only problem we saw (which is beyond our control), is when you use for instance special characters for filenames under MacOS which are not allowed under Windows, and you export the lightshow from MacOS to Windows.

Please post a link to download your original lightshow (with all fixtures present), and we will check it.
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Re: After Exporting, Files contain "Zero Bytes"

Postby deepblue37 » 08 June 2018, 00:01

So I have the same problem. But now my original file also has zero bytes on each file. I'll of the files are there there just isn't any information. I have no idea why that would happen to the original file. I could understand if it was the exported zipped file but how did it happen to the original folder? Is there any way to recover those files?
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