"not enough memory" Xpress 512 Plus

upload scenes in the standalone memory of the interface

"not enough memory" Xpress 512 Plus

Postby GregBES » 02 July 2019, 16:22

I am encountering an error when trying to upload timelines from ShowXpress to an Xpress 512 Plus interface. When the timelines are longer than 2 min I receive the "not enough memory" error.

On speaking to Chauvet they told me there was a known bug in version 9 but that version 8 should not cause an issue. Unfortunately I am encountering the same issue in version 8.

I am only trying to upload some chases for around 170 channels worth of fixtures, it doesn't seem like I should be running into a full memory?

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Re: "not enough memory" Xpress 512 Plus

Postby support » 03 July 2019, 10:32

It is not a bug.
It looks like the final generated scene from your timeline is too big for the internal memory of the interface.

PS : 2mn is quite big for a standalone scene
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Re: "not enough memory" Xpress 512 Plus

Postby Niffo » 04 July 2019, 10:17

Memory used is depending of the channels number and steps number in your scenes
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