Documentation / Instruction for configuring Stand Alone

upload scenes in the standalone memory of the interface

Documentation / Instruction for configuring Stand Alone

Postby bedo1976 » 09 August 2015, 12:17


I looked at the websites, the forum and the existing documentation but i dont find detailed information about how to configure the standalone function via IR control.

Right I can choose the universe
Left with the button #1 to #18 I think I can choose the IR Button

But I dont know what I should configure in the 3 TimeLines and Zones.

I woud like to control 4 different lighting groups:
1. LED Par
2. Strobe
3. Moving Head
4. Scanner

Each of the group should have different scenes. For example 3 scenes. So I can choose 3 different LED Par scenes, 3 strobe scenes with different speed and so on.

The first LED Par scene, Strobe, Moving Head and Scanner Scene should autostart by default. So there should not be any action, that this devices start lighning.

Is there a possibility to download standalone scenes from the stweetlight controller or the stand alone settings to the PC or can the new settings only be transfered to the controller?

Can you please post a link for a tutoral movie, documentation or can you help me how to configure the stand alone mode?

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Re: Documentation / Instruction for configuring Stand Alone

Postby support » 09 August 2015, 15:58

You have to import one scene, in each TimeLine.
You can use one zone for one lighting group.
The Lighting Controller
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