Standalone scenes not uploading to 512 Plus

upload scenes in the standalone memory of the interface

Standalone scenes not uploading to 512 Plus

Postby djmontieljr » 02 October 2018, 21:28

In the new V9 Version (with 9.1.2 Fix), only 2 of my 18 buttons are functioning on the remote. I tried clearing the data from the 512 Plus and re-uploading to the hardware and could only get buttons 1 and 6 to work. I checked my scn files in the editor from the Standalone-Scenes folder and they all seem to be working fine within the software but not on the hardware standalone.

Not sure if this is a glitch with the new update or i'm not doing something correctly. I Had to revert back to V8 to get the job done to get paid but took a big chunk of time I did not have.

Anyone else?

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