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Re: Buttons Transitions

Postby Bob_be » 12 December 2018, 18:49

It sounds like you getting the hang of it. Keep it up.

You could do what you want in 2 scenes/buttons. Use the first scene (button) to position your light, the X and Y, and have it snap to the position. If have a shutter, color, gobo, frost, etc, you could set them up also, but not the dimmer channel. You can trigger position button any time you want, it will place the light where you want it and keep it there, the lamp won't be on. As long as it only 1 step the duration will not matter.

For your 2nd scene (button) will be your dimmer channel and only the dimmer channel. Set duration you want for the fade time and set the channel to fade. The thing to remember about the fade of a channel is it will go from the current level to desired level. What do I mean by that you ask... Think of it like this, say you have a scene (button) dimmer channel set at 50% (a value of 128). You have that button pressed and your light is at 50% brightness. You then press your 2 second button for the dimmer channel to be 100% (a value of 255). The second button will start bringing the dimmer channel from 50% (the 128 value, current value) up to 100% (the 255 value). Now lets say you have only the 100% button for a duration of 2 seconds. When the button gets the end of the 2 seconds it will start over step, but since the value is already at 255 it won't have to adjust the value. It's best to make the 2 buttons and play around with the fade/snap options to see how they work with/against each other.

You could also adjust the fade in/out, individually, in buttons.

Hope this make sense and is useful.

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Re: Buttons Transitions

Postby jeremystiffler » 13 December 2018, 03:47

Thanks Bob,

That is helpful. I think where I'm getting the most stuck is figuring out the differences and quirks between the timelines and the buttons. I want to use the buttons as the 'control panel' for the shows. BUT I also want to run videos and audio using the timeline. It seems there is some disconnect between the buttons and the timeline when it comes to firing scenes. Is that what you have found?

I've been able to produce a pretty solid show with the software while also running 4-9 min videos without much issue. Thanks to this forum. But I'd like to refine my skills and really fully understand the capabilities of this software.

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