Timeline no light scenes

create synch shows with video, audio and lights

Timeline no light scenes

Postby lightworks » 28 July 2017, 22:12

My steps and generator patterns run in the editor but they don't activate in the live timeline or buttons. The video and audio work fine. The DMX indicator is green and all looks good but no light scenes. I am so close but yet so far. Any ideas. Win 10 with a Chauvet trackscan 250 and the 100 channel dongle. Thanks
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Re: Timeline no light scenes

Postby Bob_be » 29 July 2017, 02:09

Did you disable the dmx/3D in "Editor"? Editor will override "Live".

Hope that helps.

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Re: Timeline no light scenes

Postby shaquillepolak » 15 November 2017, 02:07

I have the same thing, i got scenes and put them in the Light scene timeline. But I dont see nothing moving on my 3D view?
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