Feature Request: Duplicate/Export/Import Pages

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Feature Request: Duplicate/Export/Import Pages

Postby Bobnjul » 17 May 2019, 15:51

Is there a way to make it so that "pages of buttons" could "saved" and exported/imported and or duplicated? I realize what I'm asking, and issues that could arise as files referenced by a button may or may not be in the correct place or missing. But overall I think the idea is a sound one. I'd love to be able to eliminate all the pages I know I won't use for a show, but not lose them totally, and just import them.

In duplicating a page it would just create the duplicated page with button that just add a "#2" in the button name. Referencing all the same files or in the case of a macro: button references.

In exporting and importing I realize that steps and generator files may have been moved or not present... In that instance, the button could just import with the red slash circle, and right-click menu item that would allow the user to resolve the missing file. In the case of Macro buttons... The imported macro could just ignore any button references that aren't present at the time of import.

I think the value of this is two-fold... a user can only use the pages he/she needs for an event - saving on system resources, but not totally lose the work on those pages. It would also allow the user to create "default" pre-made page button layouts... saying time moving and colorizing buttons which can be tedious. Then the user can just assign the file to the buttons that have already been made and laid out.
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