[Request] Solo Feature for Fixture(s)

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[Request] Solo Feature for Fixture(s)

Postby Pink LD » 11 December 2018, 19:24

Would it be possible to create a feature button/Macro so that I can use a fixture(s) for a solo spot or feature position that when this button/Macro is latched on the fixture(s) it ignores everything else affecting the fixture(s) until the Solo Feature button/Macro is released?

For example:
I am running a Generator circle of 6 fixtures. I call the center 2 fixtures to go to a drum vocal spot. I then change the Generator to the 6 fixtures to do a triangle. All 6 would go to the triangle call, but I would want the center 2 to stay on the drum vocal spot, until I released them.

I understand HTP and LTP, but I am looking for an exemption or exception to this so as long the button/Macro is engaged and calling the Solo/Feature fixture(s) it ignores everything else.

Please note:
I included Macros in this request because I have developed a method of cueing other Macros with Macros so I can see that were this made into a feature I would find ways to cue sub-Macros calling Solo Feature buttons.

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