(Request) Preset Slider Advancing

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(Request) Preset Slider Advancing

Postby samwise309 » 26 March 2018, 18:58

Good day Admin,

I was playing around with the different uses for the preset slider option on a button. Something that's been discussed between a few users that would be very helpful, is to be able to make a preset slider button with however many steps (for this example I'll use 3 steps). When you click that button the first time, it activates the first step. But, if you click it again, it moves to the second step. Then, the third. And one more click would take it back to the first step, or, turn the button off. I supposed that would depend on how it's coded.

This would be very useful for stacking mover positions. Instead of having 30 buttons for 30 different positions, you could stack 'like' positions into one button using the preset slider function, and then (in my case, using an APC 40 or some controller) only have 10 total assigned buttons to cycle through 3 steps each. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks!
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