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Re: Fading scenes within a macro button

Postby Robin_D » 02 March 2018, 13:56

Hi Tim and others. For the benefit of other's who my have fallen into the same trap, Tim's video clearly explained that my understanding of 'disable channel' means something quite different to my interpretation. I assumed disabling the channel meant that it was 'disabled' and therefore would not work. What it really means is that this scene will not affect any other settings sent to that channel when selected. Effectively it's a 'leave as is' option.

It doesn't help with fading all the scenes in a macro, but using 'two step' scenes as on and off as demonstrated by Tim means you have an option of setting more fixtures into the scene and making the button for that have a fader which you can drop onto the APC Mini fader. :D I guess a bigger MIDI desk or multiple desks means that you could drop the scenes onto many faders as a submasters. Not worked out how to get the flash buttons above the physical faders working yet though although using MIDI out I can light the button when the scene is active. That may not be possible given that it appears a button can only map to single Midi in and out channel?

If this helps someone else learn from my stupidity, that fine be me.

Thanks for taking the time Tim.
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