Macro Buttons

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Macro Buttons

Postby genlitepro » 07 December 2017, 11:19

Idea for macro buttons, When importing scenes into a sequential macro, you can end up with quite a few scenes in a sequential macro line (1.1, 1-2,1.3 etc). This can be a bit confusing. Would it be possible in live, to create a macro button in live just as you do now, Once you have your desired macro, to then be able right click and save (or convert) that macro to a single scene file, and then you could just drop it right in to a single sequential line? I know you can currently merge scenes in editor, but this would be a very quick way to import a lot of existing scenes into a single sequential scene. ( this would also be great for timeline users as well!)
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Re: Macro Buttons

Postby TimH » 07 December 2017, 20:55

+1 to this! Convert macro button to single scene is a great idea!
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