Controlling a DMX channel in Live

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Controlling a DMX channel in Live

Postby HBP » 26 October 2017, 21:20

I think I have an unusual use of the Live page as I have not seen any posts or instructional videos on the subject.

I have a button on the Live tab that is tied to a single Step Scene from the Editor. I am trying to create something that would let me control one of the DMX channels in that Step Scene.

Example - it's a Chauvet Motion Orb that just calls up one of the internal preset programs for a background. I would like to be able to vary the speed (DMX channel 81 on my fixture map) of that program.

Is there a way to create something on the Live tab that would act as a slider for a particular DMX channel?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Controlling a DMX channel in Live

Postby TimH » 26 October 2017, 22:46


Yes there is an easy way to do this! You can create a 2 step scene and turn it into a "fader button" in live mode.

Step 1) Create a 2 step scene in steps
Step 2) In step 1 of the scene, have DMX channel 81 all the way down, and in step 2 of the scene, have it all the way up.
Step 3) Set the fade/snap setting to "Fade"
Step 4) Set the total time of the whole steps scene to 00:00.10 and recalculate for all steps when prompted.
Step 5) Save your scene
Step 6) Import your scene as a button in Live
Step 7) Right click the button and choose the option "Fader button"
Step 8) *optional* Assign this fader button a midi trigger using your physical controller (if you have one)

This video from Darren Field (I'd recommend watching his whole series) goes into this process in more detail, and also a different way of doing it by Hard Patching a master fader to a DMX value.

Hope that helps!


Tim H
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Re: Controlling a DMX channel in Live

Postby HBP » 27 October 2017, 03:20


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. It worked great. I've had some occasional mental blocks with some of these logic functions on the software so this was exactly what I was looking for.

Great resource - thanks again!
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