Masters Faders vs Sliders - different purposes

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Masters Faders vs Sliders - different purposes

Postby support » 25 March 2015, 15:16

1. At right bottom corner of the window
Master Dimmer
Moves proportionally the channels values.
This is why we can link them exclusively to the dimmable channels: "dimmer, white, amber, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, uv and par_can..."
It would effectively make no sense to link a master fader to a channel having levels, like "gobo" for instance.
Master Speed
Adjusts proportionally the speed of the scene buttons linked to the corresponding Master Speed Fader.
To link (or not ) a scene button to a Master Speed Fader, select "Speed properties" in the popup menu over the button.

2. Inside the button
Fader slider
Fades from the first step to the last step of the scene.
Preset slider
Selects a step of the scene.
Speed slider
Adjusts the speed of the scene.

Note: Master and sliders can be combined together.
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