S2L with ShowKontrol (Pioneer DJ)

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S2L with ShowKontrol (Pioneer DJ)

Postby Urs » 08 January 2024, 12:56

Hello together

Is there any way to synchronise ShowXpress (BPM) with Beatkontrol? Beatkontrol provides BPm data output via Ableton Link, TCNet, ArKaos Track DJ etc.
SMTP outputs are also provided (SMPTE output via LTC, MTC, Artnet Timecode and TCNet).


Thanks for your feedback.
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Re: S2L with ShowKontrol (Pioneer DJ)

Postby support » 10 January 2024, 08:26

Sorry but this is presently not possible.
FYI, "Ableton link" is noted in our ToDo list.
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