Getting "DJ program music" to trigger "Beat"

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Getting "DJ program music" to trigger "Beat"

Postby CPSL » 03 July 2021, 21:12

Hi all,

I am attempting to figure out how to do "sound triggered" light chases. We have BPM, which is hard to get accurate. We also have "beat" which seems to trigger on a single push of the button, which can be triggered by a midi note on an external controller. I see "beat" can be triggered by virtual DJ also. Since I have no say so in the DJ's choice of software, I need to find another way to reliably trigger "beat"

Is there a way to utilize the computer (windows) onboard mic as a sound trigger for "beat", or is there a way to get the output from the DJ board into the computer, perhaps from a secondary output, or record output form the DJ board into a USB device of some sort? Or perhaps another way you all have figured out that I have not thought of :)

Thank you very much!
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Re: Getting "DJ program music" to trigger "Beat"

Postby support » 17 July 2021, 09:50

Sorry but auto collecting BPM is possible only via "Virtual DJ".
Beside this, the only possibility to get the exact BPM is to enter it manually in the BPM entry box.
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