Lost TouchOSC MIDI feedback

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Lost TouchOSC MIDI feedback

Postby garrettcrabtree2 » 29 September 2017, 18:10

I had midi feedback working fine on my ipad with touchosc. I control the live buttons and the buttons were flashing on and off the way they are supposed to. I migrated my setup to a new mac, and I'm pretty sure I have all the settings correct, the midi feedback isn't working. The buttons are not lighting up in touchosc. The triggers work fine, but now I can't see which button I have triggered. The midi out is active, and everything seems right. It's just not working. ANybody experience this?
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Re: Lost TouchOSC MIDI feedback

Postby support » 29 September 2017, 18:32

In order to check there is no lost lightshow parameter during the lightshow export/import process, could you please double-check the following parameters are still correctly setted in the Mac computer ?
- main menu "Preferences" => tab "Midi" => checkbox "Midi Out enable"
- main menu "Preferences" => tab "Midi" => listbox "YourMidiDevice"
- Live => button menu "Button trigger" => tab "Midi" => checkbox "Midi out"
- Live => button menu "Button trigger" => tab "Midi" => all parameters (Device, channel, ...)
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