I can't see each pixel in 3D

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I can't see each pixel in 3D

Postby djpaul » 15 August 2019, 20:03

Same problem here with Showtec Pulse Pixel Bar 64.

I can't see the light output from each pixel in 3D. It's just one regular RGBW /Led Bar.

DMX output works perfect.

Sometime i work at home and i don't have the lights installed... so it will be helpful to have this in 3D.

Thank you!
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Re: I can't see each pixel in 3D

Postby support » 16 August 2019, 21:24

You posted to an old V8 topic, while you are using V9, so your post have been moved to a new topic.

The "Pixels" effects are visible only in the tab "Pixels".

However, to see the Editor effects in 3DView with a multi-RGB fixture, in the window "Edit Fixture > Edit channel", you have to define the parameter "Hear number".
Please watch this for more infos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMYLzZoAfkg&
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