Art net and pixels

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Art net and pixels

Postby djlivewire » 09 August 2019, 14:09

hi guys ,

I'm undertaking a new project that is pretty new to me , i have been a long time user of showxpress to control moving heads using a single dmx out from the Xpress512 Plus box ,

I'm looking to control some led pixels over art net as well as the moving heads that are already programmed on universe 1 , do i need a licence key to use the extra universes or will any art net device be sufficient ? I'm hoping to control WS2812b pixel tape and have a driver in mind but any reasonably priced suggestions welcome

does anyone here have experience programming pixels using showxpress ? how good is it at controlling multiple pixels ?

thanks in advance for your help
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Re: Art net and pixels

Postby support » 09 August 2019, 14:17

This interface opens one extra universe (512 channels) for Artnet, via the Ethernet socket of the computer.
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