Freedom sticks 50 Channel keeps strobing [fixed]

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Freedom sticks 50 Channel keeps strobing [fixed]

Postby djmamasboy » 12 June 2018, 21:05

I am using Chauvet Freedom sticks dmx 50 channel. I want to Pixel map them in show express. When I use any of the effects (Rainbow, Chaser) all the LEDs strobe. The effect is working but it is also flashing the whole time. When I import the 48 channel profile it works just fine. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Re: Freedom sticks 50 Channel keeps strobing

Postby support » 13 June 2018, 15:27

We double-checked the profile and we saw that the channel 49 is forced to 255.
This is the reason of the constant strobe.

Please do this:
- edit the profile (in Pixels, right click over the fixture and select "Fixture Properties")
- edit the shared channels (click on the button "Edit" in the section "Shared channels")
- click on the check mark "Disable" for the first channel (at the left) (this is channel 49), or put its slider at level 0
In one case you do not override it, in the other case you force it at level 0.
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