Flipping Pan/Tilt without flipping fixture completely around

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Flipping Pan/Tilt without flipping fixture completely around

Postby djjustfrank » 16 September 2023, 07:29

Why is there no flipping of the x/y without flipping the fixture around(Obviously I'm talking about the X)? It seems like it's some simple math without sitting here for 30m trying to figure it out. This and fixture grouping could make this software as powerful as Grand Ma without spending 2K minimum on an interface. I think that you could really sell a lot more units if you added these two simple features. Grand Ma is convoluted an extremely complicated for the task at hand. I run multiple ShowXpress consoles at the places I work and my traveling production company, but the fixture completely flipping when I want to go to a pattern to cross my beams is disheartening. These seem like simple fixes. But what do I know I don't program for a living.
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Re: Flipping Pan/Tilt without flipping fixture completely ar

Postby alex0394 » 02 October 2023, 18:02

You raise a great point - having the ability to flip just the pan/tilt axes independently would be really useful for beam positioning. I can totally see how it would simplify cross-fading patterns without having to do a full XYZ fixture inversion.

The math itself is probably not too complex - just negating the pan or tilt channel values before output should do the trick. But coding it into the software and UI may take some work to do elegantly.

I'm sure the developers have considered this, but have prioritized other features until now. With enough user requests though, it could move up in priority!

For a workaround in the meantime, you could split the fixture into separate pan/tilt and lamp elements. Then just invert the pan/tilt piece. More cumbersome but doable.

I agree the axis flip and grouping would take the controller to the next level. Hopefully we'll see it in a future update! You should suggest it on the official feature request channel - the more users asking for it, the better. Appreciate you sharing this perspective!
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