Type in values for Points in Generator

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Type in values for Points in Generator

Postby DeeStage » 23 July 2019, 19:55

It would be nice if we could type in exact values for added Points in the effect generator.

move effects:

Type right click on a ponit to enter a small menu where you can type in the Pan/Tilt value.
In "Move/Size shape" Mode: right click to enter a value for the Center Point of the Movement.

other effects:

right click on a point to set the exact channel value and the time value by percent.

for instance:

Point 1 in a Dimmer effect:
Channel value: 255
Time Value: 25

This will set the Dimmer to 100% at 1/4 of the total project time.

I hope you understand my request and you see how important this feature is.
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Re: Type in values for Points in Generator

Postby support » 25 July 2019, 10:48

Noted to do at least that: "display X/Y values in real time when positionning the point".
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